Cunningham's Revenge (James Ogilvie Book 12) (English Edition) por Philip McCutchan

Titulo del libro : Cunningham's Revenge (James Ogilvie Book 12) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 2, 2015
Autor : Philip McCutchan
Número de páginas : 234
Editor : Endeavour Media

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Cunningham's Revenge (James Ogilvie Book 12) (English Edition) por Philip McCutchan

Philip McCutchan con Cunningham's Revenge (James Ogilvie Book 12) (English Edition)

A dangerous alliance is forming between the Muslim Pathans and the Peshawaran Hindus which threatens to topple the British Raj in North-West India.

Led by an unstoppable figure who calls himself the Star of Islam, the native forces recognise no boundaries, stooping so low as to target the wives and children of the British soldiers.

One unfortunate victim of these despicable acts is the Sergeant Major Cunningham who is determined to avenge his wife’s death with the life of the Pathan leader himself.

In this bloodthirsty campaign tensions run high as the British officers struggle to see eye-to-eye and seemingly irrelevant orders are given by authorities half way across the world.

Captain James Ogilvie of the 114th Royal Strathspey is sent on a thankless mission whilst Sargeant Major Cunningham plots his revenge.

‘Cunningham’s Revenge’ is a tense and evocative historical adventure story, rich in period detail. It is the twelfth in the Ogilvie series of novels and was originally published under the pen name Duncan MacNeil.

Praise for Philip McCutchan:

"His character conflicts are well organised." — Daily Telegraph

"A most exciting successor to his first novel — and it is just as rugged." — The Times, Hamilton, New Zealand

“Hurtling plot, quick dialogue ...” Kirkus

“Written in the best tradition of Henty, Haggard, and Kipling.” Library Journal

“[McCutchan] vividly captures the mingled glory and brutality of colonial life, his characterization is convincing ... and his fighting scenes, particularly the full-scale engagement that climaxes this story, are exciting.” Publishers Weekly

Philip McCutchan (1920-1996) grew up in the naval atmosphere of Portsmouth Dockyard and developed a lifetime’s interest in the sea. Military history was an early interest resulting in several fiction books, from amongst his large output, about the British Army and its campaigns, especially in the last 150 years.